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"A person that says "I FAILed" is 10 times more a person than 1 that says "I Wish."

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Rivers Corbett, MBA, is an award winning serial entrepreneur, international speaker, startUP entrepreneurial thought leader, and author of "13 Fears of Entrepreneurs." as well as the creator of The RockSTAR Mastermind.

He has received numerous business awards including: 2015 Business Person of the Year, Canada's Hottest Start-ups List and Canada's Fastest Growing Companies list through Profit magazine and recently given the StartUP Canada Champion Award.

Rivers is a founding board member of StartUP Canada and host of the StartUP Canada Podcast Show. Most recently, he joined the Opportunties New Brunswick team as their first Entrepreneur in Residence.

As the Director, Partnerships, he is connected with GoForth Institute, which offers Canada's leading small business training program. 91% of GoForth's customers are still in business two years after completing their program. Use Promo Code "Atlas" for $20 towards your subscription.

Want to be an Epic business coach? Rivers' team are the best coaches on the planet. BusinessCoachesNeeded.com

In his spare time riVeRS loves snowboarding, boating, riding his motorcycle, watching his New England Patriots and spending time with family & friends.

"Rivers is a 21st century entrepreneur, he's the one to watch" - Jim Gilbert: Canada's Huggable Car Dealer!

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