Rivers Corbett

Startup Canada Podcast host, GoForth Garage founder, and Entrepreneur in Residence in Canada

"My team and I help entrepreneurs SUCCEED in starting and growing their business." Rivers Corbett

I love the quote "Your God's gift to you is your talent. Your gift to your God is what you do with your talent."

I was born to be an entrepreneur!

I was fortunate to discover this in my early twenties and I have been pursuing that path ever since as a serial entrepreneur, TedX speaker, entrepreneur in residence, video author of 13 Fears of Entrepreneurs, host of theStartup Canada Podcastand founder of the global community for entrepreneurs HeadSpace for Entrepreneurs.

It's been an incredible journey over 20 years as a well traveled entrepreneur. Now I am onto my next pivot which is to focus on other entrepreneurs SUCCESS by helping them understand and implement the rules for building their own EPIC business.

This mission is being driven by my desire to change the failure rate of entrepreneurs which has not changed in years and years and years. That's crazy!

The results so far?

91% of the entrepreneurs my team and I work with are still in business 2 years after working with us in our GoForth Garage.

It would be an honour to connect and work with you to achieve epic results in your journey as an entrepreneur


Rivers is a 21st Century entrepreneur, he is the one to watch.
Jim Gilbert - CEO: Canada's Huggable Car Dealer
Rivers is not only a successful entrepreneur, enriching communities across Atlantic Canada and beyond but he himself is a committed and passionate entrepreneurial evangelist who leads by example by giving back. From speaking in local schools to inspire young Canadians about the importance of pursuing entrepreneurial careers to organizing regional entrepreneurship conferences, Rivers is a role model for all generations of Canadians looking to pursue their passions.
Victoria Lennox - ceo and co-founder: Startup Canada
Challenge the norm, adapt to change, eagerly tackle challenges, and honest and open feedback would all be characteristics that give you a sense of knowing Rivers. An Entrepreneur that willingly helps others succeed and to foster an environment that all entrepreneurs can be included.Hands on and throttle up! Rivers plays an integral role in building our entrepreneurial community and has participated nationally through Startup Canada
Larry Shaw - CEO: Ignite Fredericton